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Top Coconut Oil Swaps in Your Vanity

I’m not sure why spring makes me want to clean everything. Pair that with the fact we just moved, and it means I’m purging the unused and unwanted items. This includes my vanity. I’m a product hoarder; I’ll try any gimmick, I’m sad to say. But I have gotten better at this pitfall by replacing a lot of my expensive creams, gels, and lotions with coconut oil! So if you’re ready to take the plunge and purge your chemicals from your vanity – here are my top swaps. Moisturizer: I love coconut oil as my moisturizer. It’s light and has […]

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Coconut Oil and Oral Health

If there’s ever a day to make your dentist proud, it’s today. It’s National Dentist Day! And in honor of this day we are here to help with some at-home ways to make your smile some to, well, smile about! Coconut oil has been used for centuries to help with oral health. Most popularly in oil pulling – where you literally swish about a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for up to 20 minutes. Food Matters TV recently posted an article about this ancient homeopathic use. I really liked the way they explained WHY this practice works: “As the […]


Does Oil Pulling Really Work?

Dave never believes anything he hears. He has to do his due diligence and research both sides of the story until he can come up with his own conclusion. While sometimes aggravating, it’s also quite satisfying when his research confirms what I’ve told him. I say all this, because this exact thing happened when I started oil pulling about a month ago. He thought it was crazy, until he read about how people have been doing it for centuries and the benefits you can experience. I was traveling to a lot of shows and having people talk to me about […]

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