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The Difference Between Medium- and Long- Chain Fatty Acids

There’s been some Twitter chatter lately about the lauric acid in coconut oil being a long-chain fatty acid. If you understand why we have an issue with this – we’re impressed with your coconut oil knowledge- if not, read on. Our biggest issue is, calling lauric acid a long-chain fatty acid or triglyceride (LCT). What makes lauric acid a uniquely composed saturated fat  is that lauric acid is actually a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) and acts completely different in your body. The New York University Langone Medical Centersays MCTs, like lauric acid, are used as an energy source similar to a carbohydrate. “Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are […]

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National Chocolate Day

Aside from my birthday and Christmas, this is my favorite holiday! Seriously – a day devoted to chocolate, what!? Let’s all take a moment and let the sweet taste of rich cocoa take over all the stress we may feel – because after all, I do believe that is the unofficial, official reason we celebrate. Believe it or not, not all chocolate is bad for you. In my sweet-tooth filled research, I found a very helpful article from Women’s Health focusing on the benefits, yes as in good-for-you benefits, to eating chocolate. Some sounded very familiar to what we see in […]

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Raw Coconut Balls

Hello sweet tooth! It doesn’t take much for mine to kick in and never stop. My boyfriend got me in a really good habit of reading labels before buying any food, especially the sugar content. As you read in Kayla’s blog, Americans are addicted to their sweets. It’s my quest to find healthier ways to satisfy the craving while keeping my nutrients in check. These raw coconut balls are great for several reasons. First, they are bite sized and just sweet enough you can get away with eating just one. Secondly, can you can nutrient rich? Honey naturally contains over […]