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Dinner for Two? Not a Problem!

Two things plague my kitchen – halving recipes and lost measuring cups. Seriously, it’s a problem! Because there’s only two of us, I’m constantly trying to cook for just us and not for the usual six to eight in a recipe (because that would be a LOT of leftovers!). To make my life, and now yours, easier, I wanted to share some tips on how to half a recipe (because who knew, really, what half of 1/3 cup was?). Don’t have a tablespoon to measure that delicious coconut oil with? Not a problem anymore! Because I’ve included in this handy […]

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Top Chef Seattle: The Fried Chicken Challenge

We have reached the point in the season where there is no longer immunity, which means we are almost to the end!  By now we should only be seeing top rate dishes, but tonight that may not be the case. Quickfire Challenge: The challenge is to create their own sushi dish and one of L.A.’s four Master Sushi Chefs, Katsuya Uechi, was on hand to judge.  This challenge stumped Josh, who put bacon pieces in his sushi. However, Stefan impresses the guest judge with his Yellowtail with Grilled Shiitake and Raw Lobster with Seaweed and Unagi and wins the challenge, […]

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How To Keep Water From Boiling Over

I have a new favorite use for coconut oil!  How many times have you put a pot of noodles on the stove to boil, walk away, and a few minutes later you are running back to the stove because the water is boiling over?  Then after dinner you are stuck cleaning the burners and drip pans.  That has happened to me a lot, but finally with a little help from coconut oil, I no longer have to worry about that.  As soon as you pour your noodles or any other food in the boiling water, add about 1 teaspoon of […]

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