Operation “Pamper Your Feet”

Feet! Those babies are probably the most stressed out part of our body and yet they are really the most neglected. I mean, how often do you wrap your feet in love and take the time to truly pamper those hard working little slivers of stability? Ahem, guilty! One of my goals for the remainder of this year was to give my feet the attention they deserve. So I created a 4 step foot pampering routine that I am committed to doing twice a month. It is a small sacrifice to care for a pretty important part of my body! […]

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Top 5 Ways to Soothe a Sore Throat

It happened! I got the dreaded summer flu that has been going around.  It started with the chills, hot flashes, fever, and sore throat.  Finally, everything went away except for the sore throat then up popped a runny nose and cough.  The sore throat hung around for about a week, pretty much the whole time I was sick.  So I was constantly looking for ways to soothe my throat and relieve some of the pain. I figured out a bunch of ways to not only soothe my throat, but help me feel better just a little bit faster.  Here are […]

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Top 5 Game Day Recipes

After watching my beloved Louisville Cardinals stomp the Ohio Bobcats last Sunday 49-7, I am officially excited football season. Today is the kickoff of the regular NFL season. Whether it’s college or pro, I love football – it is definitely the best time of the year. There are few activities I find more fun than gathering around the television with friends and family and watching a great game, and my favorite thing about watching these games…. the FOOD!  Just about anybody can go to the store and pick up a sandwich platter or a tray of cold cuts and cheese, […]

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