How to Avoid Being Hangry

Trust me, hangry maybe a made up word but the feeling is real. For those of you who don’t know, “hangry” is a combination of being hungry and angry. Believe it or not, researchers say this feeling can lead to fights in your relationship! Yes, money was spent to figure out the true reason people fight over the lost remote (not literally, but perhaps). In the study, participants were given, and I’m not kidding, voodoo dolls representing the other spouse. It was found the more pins the lower the glucose levels in their system. In fact, the lowest glucose levels […]

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Guiltless “Fried” Chicken

Being from the South, fried foods are pretty common and I love them.  There’s nothing like enjoying homemade fried chicken on a Sunday afternoon.  But, because of the tons of fatty calories from flour and oil, it certainly doesn’t complement a healthy diet. Here’s a guiltless way to make nearly any fried “meat” dish using two of my favorite and most versatile ingredients – wheat germ and Kelapo Coconut Oil. And with football season right around the corner, and not to mention the countless sleepovers as the kiddoes are back-to-school, this is a great dish that will surely satisfy your […]

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350 Calorie Shrimp Burger

We have a treat for our Kelapo fans, for the next six months Kevin Alexander, from FitMenCook, will be joining us as our guest Kelapo Kitchen Fitness Cook. He specializes in food that fuels your body and leaves you feeling your best. His first recipe is a delicious shrimp burger made with organic Kelapo Coconut Oil – which is packed full of vitamin B-12, protein, and iron. Top it with fresh vegetables, and you have the perfect burger. We bet this will be a new favorite in your household. Here is a great way to enjoy a classic meal with way […]

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