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Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

Any pregnant mother knows how important her diet is during pregnancy. Honestly, it is important before, during and after your pregnancy, especially if you are breastfeeding. When you are pregnant all of the nutrients, or junk, that you are absorbing through food is also being absorbed by your unborn baby. A study done at Adelaide University claims that moms who fill their bodies with junk food and sweets during pregnancy may pass that along to their kids. This could potentially lead to childhood obesity which isn’t something that no parent wants to experience! So, how to you stick to eating a […]


DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is this weekend! Do you know what you are getting for your mom yet? Why not plan something special for your mom? She loves nothing more than spending time with the love of her life, you! So plan a special day for her and make some DIY gifts along the way. Here are two ideas to choose from:   Mom and Daughter Spa Day Ahead of time make your mom a DIY Spa Gift Basket. In the basket include: Foot Scrub – Your mom will love pampering those feet that she is always running around on. She deserves […]

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Homemade Pancake Muffins

What better way to treat mom on Mother’s Day than breakfast in bed! I know that I would personally love that, as most days I’m the one who gets up with our son bright and early. Instead of making the traditional breakfast of eggs, pancakes and toast, try getting a little creative this Mother’s Day with pancake muffins. I know that it sounds, well interesting, but I’m sure that it will stand to be a big hit with your significant other or your mother. The recipe ties in all of the delicious breakfast flavors into one, easy to make pancake […]

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