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Top Coconut Oil Swaps in Your Vanity

I’m not sure why spring makes me want to clean everything. Pair that with the fact we just moved, and it means I’m purging the unused and unwanted items. This includes my vanity. I’m a product hoarder; I’ll try any gimmick, I’m sad to say. But I have gotten better at this pitfall by replacing a lot of my expensive creams, gels, and lotions with coconut oil! So if you’re ready to take the plunge and purge your chemicals from your vanity – here are my top swaps. Moisturizer: I love coconut oil as my moisturizer. It’s light and has […]

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Five Foods for Fabulous Skin

It doesn’t matter how wonderful your skin is (thanks mom!), you should never take it for granted. Once I really started paying attention to my moisturizer and using the right cleansers, there was a huge difference. But there’s more to taking care of your skin than just what you put ON it, it’s also really important to focus on what we put IN our bodies. There’s more than just the old wives tales of chocolate and greasy foods. Here are five real foods Candice Kumai, former model and host of Lifetime’s “Cook Yourself Thin”, says will naturally perk up your skin. […]

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Coconut Oil Coffee Scrub

Ok ladies, and gents, it’s time to talk about…cellulite. While it’s more common than Hollywood would have us believe, I’m not sure anyone wants it around. Let’s first clear the confusion over cellulite. It is something anyone of any weight and age can have. The dimples you see is nothing more than “normal” fat being pushed against the skin by the connective tissue. One way to get rid of cellulite is by working out, especially aerobic exercises. You can start with the Superman Workout and Kayla’s Lower Body Workout to really target the areas where cellulite tends to be more […]

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