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How to Cut out Processed Foods

As I’m growing older and learning more about health and nutrition, I’ve been making an effort to eat more wholesome, real foods and try to keep away from anything that is processed. Processed foods can be split up into two categories: foods that are mechanically processed and foods that are chemically processed. According to Kris Gunnars from Authority Nutrition, a real food can still be packaged, as long as no chemicals have been added in the process. Lisa Leake, blogger from 100 Days of Real Food, has made it her mission to consume wholesome foods, putting the stamp of approval […]

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350 Calorie Shrimp Burger

We have a treat for our Kelapo fans, for the next six months Kevin Alexander, from FitMenCook, will be joining us as our guest Kelapo Kitchen Fitness Cook. He specializes in food that fuels your body and leaves you feeling your best. His first recipe is a delicious shrimp burger made with organic Kelapo Coconut Oil – which is packed full of vitamin B-12, protein, and iron. Top it with fresh vegetables, and you have the perfect burger. We bet this will be a new favorite in your household. Here is a great way to enjoy a classic meal with way […]

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Buying Organic at Farmer’s Markets

One of my favorite memories growing up was going to the Dallas Farmer’s Market with my grandparents. It was so full of fresh produce and I loved seeing all the vibrant colors that went on for what seemed like miles. What I love most about farmer’s markets is getting what I eat directly from the source and knowing exactly what is coming to my table. You can find great local markets where you live with the handy Local Harvest and USDA locators. So why am I still hooked on farmer’s markets as an adult? One word: organic. The USDA standards are that […]

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