Top 10 Travel Uses for Coconut Oil

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I personally love to travel! The only thing about traveling is the amount it takes to get to your destination. Between the long flights, and waiting at the airport, I recently came up with solutions to some of the problems I encounter while traveling by using coconut oil! Taking a sample pack along with me in my carryon and packing a jar in my suitcase definitely did justice for me on a recent trip. Check out my top 10 uses for coconut oil while traveling:

Dry Skin Moisturizer: Being in an airplane for long amounts of time can cause your skin to become dry. Rub a small amount of coconut oil on the dry area of skin to help restore moisture.

Lip Balm: My lips almost always become chapped while flying. Try taking a small amount of coconut oil to both lips and smooth it in gently.

Make-Up Remover- Right before you fall asleep on the plane for that long flight, try placing coconut oil on a cotton ball to take off eye make-up.

Control Hair Frizz- Being on a flight for long periods of time can leave static and frizz to your hair. Try taking a dab of coconut oil and run it through your hair to tame fly-aways.

Deodorant- Not being able to shower for a while may leave you feeling icky. Try applying coconut oil under the arms or even to feet! The lauric acid that coconut oil contains will help odor causing bacteria.

Energy Boost- I love to get a smoothie from any airport food court and mix in a little coconut oil for that extra spark of energy needed while traveling!

Sun Burn Relief- If I’m traveling somewhere that I know sunburn may occur, I make sure to have coconut oil with me. Applying coconut oil to the affected area of sunburn will help with redness and inflammation.

Cooking- I make sure to bring a jar of coconut oil with me if I’m going to a destination where I know I can cook! Making tasty meals after a day of sightseeing and relaxing is something I look forward to. Try substituting butter or oil for coconut oil, especially when frying!

Anti-Itch Cream-When traveling, bug bites or even a rash of some sort is bound to happen.  Applying a thin layer or coconut oil over the affected area will help the sooth the itch and inflammation.

Strengthen Nails and Cuticles- I personally always have brittle nails and dry skin around my cuticles, which get increasingly worse when flying! Massaging a dab of coconut oil onto the nails and cuticle area will help strengthen them and prevent those annoying hangnails!

Happy Travels!

Kayla J.

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