Top 5 Ways to Reuse the Kelapo Jar

I am always trying to find uses for empty containers in my home, like reusing empty milk jugs to store my homemade laundry detergent. I use Kelapo Coconut Oil in my home on a daily basis and I would typically just toss the jar but I thought about it and realized that I could reuse the Kelapo jar in so many ways!

Kelapo jar for décor at home, yes please! Here are my Top 5 ways to reuse:

Reusing the Kelapo Jar

  1. Use the jar as a hanging vase. You can cover the jar with a decorative piece of fabric and wrap some wire around the top of the jar and hang from your windowsill.
  2. Place the jar in your bathroom and store your Q-tips or cotton balls inside.
  3. Use the jar as a small flower pot. Pour some dirt in and plant your favorite spice or flower. Great size for placing on your kitchen window sill.
  4. Try making your own 50-hour candles. You could even add colors and holidays scents!
  5. Use your jar as a pen or pencil holder at work!
 These were just a few of my ideas to reuse the Kelapo Coconut Jar. What are some of your favorite ways to reuse our jars?!
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