Top Chef Seattle: A Blast from the Past

Kristen's Winning Dish

Last night episode 9 aired of this season of Top Chef. As we get closer to the end, the competition gets fiercer and the contestants get more intense!

Last night, Bob Kramer inspired the Quickfire Challenge.  Bob Kramer is famous for making amazing knifes that can cut through anything. However, they are extremely expensive! Padma said the knives cost $500 an inch!  Naturally, the Quickfire will test the contestants knifing skills.

The contestants are split into three teams of three and will compete in single elimination rounds. The first challenge had the contests sharpening their knives until they could cut through paper cleanly. Then the two remaining teams had to cut 50 potatoes perfectly. During the second challenge Josie ends up cutting herself. This accident left her team short staffed, which caused their loss.

The third challenge splits the remaining team up and has them compete against each other to cut up rabbits. Micah wins the challenge and immunity!

The Elimination Challenge is then presented to the contestants. They must recreate memorable dishes from past seasons of Top Chef and make them healthier. It is the perfect challenge for all of us with New Year resolutions to eat better!

Kristen wins the night recreating a healthier pot pie! Her dish is so amazing that it did not even matter that one of the judges received a plate missing an ingredient.

Of course, not all of them succeed with the challenge! Stefan tries to sneak in butter into his soup and grilled cheese sandwich and is told his dish is “greasy.”  (We could have helped him there!  Stefan next time try coconut oil) Ultimately, the bottom two are Lizzie and Josh. Of course, Josh has tons of excuses for why his dish failed, but the two must face off in a pickle burger duel inspired by their season.

Lizzie wins the duel and Josh must pack his knifes and go.

Overall, I loved seeing the contestants recreate dishes from past seasons and really loved the emphasis on eating healthy! What was your favorite part of last night’s episode?

For all of the recipes from last night’s episode you can go here. Remember, for a healthier dish you can always swap out butter or other oils for coconut oil in a simple 1:1 ratio.

– Leslee

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