VIP Treatment at Restaurant Mie N Yu

First of all, a BIG thanks to our new friend Chef R.L. Boyd! We met R.L. on the second day of the Fancy Food Show. He walked past our booth, and when I saw that he was the Executive Chef for one of my favorite restaurants in DC, we all got pretty excited! Since we already had reservations to visit the restaurant on Tuesday, R.L. requested some Kelapo Coconut oil to “play” around with in the kitchen and promised us some great things for our dinner. He absolutely delivered!

When we arrived at Mie N Yu, (pronounced Me and You), Erin, Amber, and I were shown to the best table in the house. It overlooked the whole restaurant, which came in very handy when Drew Carey showed up and sat right below us. I should also mention that he had a giant group of Buddhist monks with him. Anyway, when we weren’t spying on Drew Carey and his friends, we were enjoying an incredible meal prepared by Chef R.L. The meal started out with R.L.’s signature Hush Puppies (He’s a North Carolina guy), delicious

Coconut oil seared scallops

pickled vegetables that reminded me of jardinière, and Ahi tuna tartare with avocado and siracha. Then, he took a jar of Kelapo to the kitchen and experimented. He returned with the most incredible scallops I’ve ever eaten. He seared them in 70% coconut oil and 30% olive oil (the perfect combo for searing, he said), wrapped them in bacon and paired them with a creamy green curry nage sauce.

The real highlight of the meal was when R.L. brought over “Nana’s Cobbler,” with lychee and strawberries. Not only did we get to try the top secret recipe, we got to speak to Nana herself, Nancy B! Chef R.L. called his nana in North Carolina and put each of us on the phone with her. So fun!

Afterward, we got a great tour of the whole beautiful restaurant, including the “Birdcage” upstairs where celebrities sit on a regular basis (Note: the upstairs wasn’t open, or that would have been our table for sure!)

Executive Chef RL Boyd in the Kitchen with Kelapo

It was so fun to get the royal treatment, especially with Drew Carey sitting right down stairs. He didn’t get to talk to Nana! Also, incredible to taste what can happen when an extremely talented chef gets his hands on some Kelapo.


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