Andre 3000’s Kale Recipe

In the February 2012 issue of Bon Appetit Magazine, Andre 3000 shares his favorite recipe for kale.  Andre 3000 is “one half of OutKast.”  He grew up in the south eating “collards, mustard and turnip greens” his whole life.  He was “introduced to kale a few years ago and fell in love with the way you can instantly stir fry or pan fry it.  Kale is also nutritious, and by not boiling it to death like classic southern greens, most of that nutrition stays intact.”


Steamed Kale

About 1 cup of water

1 or 2 heads of kale

A few garlic cloves

A couple teaspoons of coconut oil

A dab of soy free margarine

A couple shakes of Herbamare Seasoning

A pinch of cayenne

A pinch of black pepper


Boil water.  Flash steam kale and drain.

Lightly saute kale in margarine, oil and garlic.

Season to taste.


– Recipe courtesy of Andre 3000

– Bon Appetit Magazine, February 2012


We would of course suggest skipping the margarine and just adding a little more Kelapo coconut oil instead.


– Jen

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