Coconut Oil and Pets

Henry loves his coconut oil

We provide many great recipes and health benefits of using coconut oil within our diet, however we don’t always give enough focus on the benefits for our four legged friends. Yes, you CAN give coconut oil to your pets and I guarantee they will go crazy for it! For example my parent’s dog, Henry, will whine for it when my mom brings her jar out of the pantry. She gives it to him every day mixed in with his food and will sometimes refuse to eat unless it’s in there. It’s only then, Henry will gobble down his food within minutes.

My parent’s choose to use coconut oil in their dog’s diet for many reasons. The main reason: their German Shepard mix has terribly dry skin. No matter the weather, Henry will always itch and when he scratches, he gets dandruff throughout his fur. My mom has found adding the oil to her dog’s fur will really help to relieve the issue. If she doesn’t add the coconut oil directly to his food, she will feed him about a tablespoon directly during the day. If Henry’s skin gets really bad, my mom will apply the oil topically, rubbing it in his fur until all the oil is absorbed. Not only does this help with his dry skin, but it also leaves his coat healthy and shiny.

Coconut oil is beneficial for our animals much in same way it's good for us!

Because of all these great benefits, pet stores are selling coconut oil to their customers. One of our favorite stores is Health Mutt located in Tampa, FL. Not only are they a natural pet market, but they share our love for coconut oil for our furry friends!

“We recommend Kelapo Coconut Oil for dogs with dry and itchy skin, ear infections, paws smelling like corn chips (yeast!), arthritis and inflammation relief, any type of bite sting or wound, and for weight management. Most commonly, customers feed Kelapo because it works quickly and effectively for dry skin and makes their dog’s coat look glossy and healthy. Some even rotate between fish oil and coconut oil to keep things interesting for their picky eaters. It’s so easy to coat on dry food & dogs always like it! We have had several customers saying their dog will lick it right off the spoon!” says Kendra, owner of Health Mutt.

Coconut oil is a must have in this friendly shop and we always enjoy stopping by when we can.

For more information about giving your dog or pet coconut oil check out our Top 5 Coconut Oil Uses for Pets. If you are looking for a tasty treat great for dogs, make these delicious Homemade Peanut Butter Treats, which taste yummy to humans as well. If you have a problem with fleas or ticks check out our all-natural flea and tick repellent.

Why do you give your pet coconut oil?



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