Hometown Restaurant: Carma’s Baltimore, MD

Carma's Cafe in Baltimore, MD

Today’s post is one of our favorite hometown restaurants, which just happens to be Erin’s hometown! Carma’s Café, where my brother, Aaron, works, is in Baltimore, Maryland. Last time we went to Baltimore (for our Ace of Cakes visit) we had a very scrumptious lunch at Carma’s Café. This hidden gem has awesome coffee, lots of yummy teas, baked goods, and ridiculous sandwiches. Seriously the best BLT ever. They even have a vegan recipe BLT, with fake bacon made from COCONUT! We are looking forward to our upcoming trip to Baltimore for Expo East in September, when we will surely pay Carma’s a visit.

My brother was nice enough to answer our burning questions about this hometown fave:


1. How did Carma’s get started and when?

The cafe was started about 6 years ago, by two friends (Michael and Carma) who shared a love of cooking


2. Who are some of your regular customers? What kind of people can we find at Carma’s?

Carma’s customers are about 60% students at Johns Hopkins, and the rest are mostly just people from the neighborhood. Lots of artists and musicians (Charles Village is a very artsy neighborhood). Last week, we catered a local movie shoot.


3. What are some of Carma’s specialties?

Icelandic Yogurt (Alison note: THIS STUFF IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!), turkey cranberry brie panini, homemade granola (technically, just about everything on the menu is homemade), hot soups like chicken tortilla and creamy tomato basil. And of course, the above mentioned fake bacon, which has caught on pretty well with the vegetarian/vegan contingent.


4. Is there anything distinctly “Baltimore” on the menu?

Not really. No crabs or “natty boh” (Natural Bohemian beer, for our non-Baltimorians. I had to ask Erin about that one!)


5. How do you maximize the tiny space?

The patio area helps a lot in nice weather, but in less pleasant conditions, we just have to work hard to turn tables over quickly, and we encourage take-out orders. We’re eventually going to have a second space set up, primarily as a take-out counter, but it’s a ways off.


6. What keeps people coming back?

Good homemade food at reasonable prices, creative specials, and the best coffee in town!


3120 St Paul St

Baltimore, MD 21264

(410) 243-5200



Thanks Aaron and Carma’s! For more posts from my amazing family, click here. Mom, you are next!



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