Sautéed Tilapia with Coconut Oil

Tilapia with Green Beans

It’s finally Friday!! Or should I say…Fish Friday! For the next three weeks, we are going to be giving you different recipes to cook that include different types of fish. Of course, we will be adding coconut oil as well! The combination might sound a little different at first, but I promise you the taste is delicious. Using coconut oil as a replacement for butter or oil will provide a healthier alternative when sautéing, baking, or frying fish. Coconut oil differs from olive oil, in that most of the fats in coconut oil are saturated fats, such as lauric acid, but coconut oil benefits from not having trans fat or cholesterol.

I actually eat a good amount of fish while dieting as my source of protein. Since I’m limited to certain types of fish when dieting due to fat content, my trainer has me eating tilapia. Tilapia is lower in fat, which makes it a very lean fish. There are also no saturated fats and high protein, making this fish great for someone watching what they eat. A fact about tilapia that I just recently discovered is that this particular fish is a great source of B12. Vitamin B12 is used in the process of metabolism and increases energy levels naturally. Having tilapia cooked with coconut oil might just give you that added boost of energy you’re looking for!

I love tilapia because there is hardly ever a fishy taste to it after being cooked, which is a huge plus. Personally, sautéing tilapia is my favorite way to make it. There’s nothing better than a dinner that takes less than ten minutes to cook! I seasoned my fish with sodium free seasoning because I have to watch my sodium content. I also found a sodium-free onion powder that I added, along with pepper for a little extra flavor! Feel free to use your favorite seasonings when cooking your fish. I recommend placing a lid over the tilapia when cooking in order to achieve a fully cooked fish that’s moist and flaky. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need:

Moist and Flaky


6 oz. tilapia filet

1 tablespoon Kelapo Coconut Oil

Salt-free seasonings (or your favorite), to taste

Onion Powder, to taste

Pepper, to taste


  1. Heat a pan on medium-high and add in coconut oil.
  2. Once warm, place the tilapia filet on the pan. Season as desired.
  3. Let the fish cook for about 5 minutes and then cover with a lid to finish the cooking process.
  4. After about 3 minutes, take the lid off and remove the fish from the pan.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

I love my fish really hot when I eat it, so I dig in right when it’s done cooking. The tilapia came out extremely moist and full of flavor. I also found that adding the coconut oil when sautéing helps bring out the moisture in the fish. I made fresh green beans to go along with my meal, which was a perfect combination. You can also add a little coconut oil to your greens instead of using butter! Lani got me addicted to using our coconut oil cooking spray on vegetables. Simply spray your veggies with a little bit of the coconut oil cooking spray when hot and add a little onion powder and pepper…so good!

What’s your favorite fish to cook?


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