UV Safety Month – Summer Sun Tips

Summer is here and I have officially been spending my Sundays lounging on the beach and enjoying the beautiful Florida weather. When I was younger, I use to bake under the bright sunrays as if it was nothing and definitely experienced my fair share of sunburns. Now as I’m getting older and understand the importance of proper skin care, I make sure to give myself time in between being under the umbrella and tanning. In order to protect ourselves against skin cancer, there are necessary precautions that should take place each time we step out into the sun for long […]

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How to Relieve Pain and Skin Irritation Caused by Sunburns

Spring break just passed and Summer is on its way! Having fair skin is never an easy thing to deal with in the summertime… in Florida. So I am always on the lookout for new tips and tricks to prevent sunburns or relieve the pain caused by sunburns (for me, sunburns are inevitable). It is always a plus when the ingredients are all natural too! Coconut oil is always my go to ingredient to relieve the pain and it works great, but I recently found out that green tea is also a great way to relieve pain, redness, and skin […]

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How to: Protect Your Skin During Changing Seasons

It’s the countdown to fall, which brings cooler weather to our overly humid climate here in Florida. This is personally on of my favorite seasons of the year. Honestly, I feel like this season comes so fast which can make the weather change in an instant. One day it can be beach weather and the next day it can be cool and dry. So, how do you protect your skin during the changing seasons? My secret for all things skin is coconut oil! Whether I have a sunburn or am visiting a drier climate and my skin is flaky, I […]

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