Top Chef Seattle: Forks and Recreation

Quickfire Winning Dish

Last night Top Chef contestants needed to prove themselves after a horrible showing in last week’s episode. You can read my recap of last week’s episode here: Top Chef Seattle: Pike Place Market Challenge.

I think the chef’s really stepped it up last night and at least tried to make their dishes more unique and interesting. The Quickfire Challenge was for the chefs to create sweet and savory holiday dishes using Truvia and all the chefs had to share ONE knife. As you can imagine this made things interesting and really pushed the chef’s to be creative.

Marilyn Hagerty, famous for her viral review of an Olive Garden in North Dakota, was the Quickfire Challenge judge. The judge enjoyed the “homey” dish Brooke created and in the end she won with her, Apple Crostata with Cheddar Cheese.

The Elimination Challenge was for the contestants to create a winning holiday menu for celebrities Chris Pratt and Ana Farris. The two did not give a lot of restrictions, but did let the chefs know that they are big fans of wild game.

 After the dishes were served, we found out the bottom four: Eliza, Danyele, Josh, and Micah. Eliza’s elk was cut too thin and her side dishes were awful, Danyele’s cooking was uneven, Josh’s was under seasoned, and Micah’s dish was too creamy. However, it was Eliza’s side dishes that turned out to be unforgivable and she was sent home. According to Tom on his Top Chef blog, “It was clear to all the judges that of all the chefs who had flaws in conception and/or execution, it was Eliza who would be going home.” He continued with, “Eliza really got sent home for the whole dish. Biggest problem? Those carrots. They were a mystery to me. I just don’t know how a person could possibly try to make them the way she did.”

The top dishes of the night belong to Sheldon, Kristen, and Brooke, but ultimately Brooke pulls off the double win with her Lamb-Stuffed Squid. You can find her recipe here and you might notice that she used coconut oil in her dish!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you agree with the judges choice of sending home Eliza?


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