Spinach Dip Grilled Cheese

How did your spinach dip turn out? I hope you kept some leftovers because I made this for lunch last Monday and it was totally worth it!  Two of my favorite foods mixed together, what more could I ask for? Plus, grilled cheese is one of my favorite ways to use coconut oil because it makes the bread extra crispy compared to when you use butter.

If you want to eat it for dinner instead of lunch, serve it with our Tomato Basil Soup!


Spinach Dip Grilled Cheese

Gooey Spinach Dip on a grilled cheese! Yum!

Leftover spinach dip

2 slices of your favorite bread

Your favorite cheese, optional

1 teaspoon Kelapo coconut oil or coconut oil cooking spray


Spread your desired amount of spinach dip on two slices of bread – the more the better! Top spinach dip with additional cheese if desired (I didn’t add extra cheese because there is already loads of cheese in the dip). Put both slices of bread together to make a sandwich then spread the outside of the sandwich with coconut oil on both sides or spray both sides with cooking spray. Heat pan over medium heat and add sandwich to pan. (I like to add the sandwich while the pan is still cool, that way the spinach dip will have even more time to heat up and get nice and gooey before the bread is browned.) Cook until browned then flip and cook other side until browned.

Makes 1 sandwich.


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I highly recommend the Smoked Pear Grilled Cheese. Enjoy!


–          Jen

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