Boneless Buffalo Wings

Boneless Buffalo Wings Ready To Eat!

What kind of food have you been craving lately? Pete has been having some major cravings that include tacos and buffalo wings (he might be pregnant, you never know). So in an attempt to make those two foods that are horrible for you, just a little bit better, I have been trying out some different variations at home.  This way I can at least control what goes in the recipe. We had steak tacos again the other night and they were amazing, once again! I highly recommend that recipe or even just the marinade for your steak.  And I must say these boneless buffalo wings aren’t too shabby.  While this isn’t the healthiest meal to eat, I attempted to make it a little healthier by making it at home and hey, it can be your cheat meal for the week.

Boneless Buffalo Wings: Serves 2


2 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts

2 to 4 Tablespoons Kelapo coconut oil (depending on the size of your pan)

2 eggs

1 cup  of flour



Buffalo wing sauce


1. Cut chicken breasts into even, small pieces (see picture for size).  Beat eggs in small bowl.  Mix flour with a little salt and pepper in large bowl.  Toss cut up chicken in egg and then put chicken in flour mixture and toss until all chicken is coated.

2. Heat oil over medium heat. Be sure to coat the whole pan with a layer of the coconut oil.  Add chicken pieces and cook until brown and crispy on the outside and cooked through on the inside.  Serve with bleu cheese or ranch and some celery and carrots.


To complete this recipe, try making your own gourmet french fries.

For an vegetarian option, make sure to check out my recipe for vegetarian buffalo wings and add Lani’s carrot fries with vegan ranch dip to go along!


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