Coconut Oil Demand Rises

We know, you know, we know our friends know just how delicious and healthy coconut oil is. We talk about it on this blog everyday – from how to use it in your favorite recipe to how to incorporate it into your daily beauty routine. But did you know just how popular coconut oil really is?

Well one sign is that OLIVE OIL stores have to carry it! Let’s be honest, that’s pretty amazing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still occasionally use olive oil, but this really surprised me. The owners of The Olive Barin Campbell, California, were recently quoted about adding the tropical oil to their store. Ed De Soto said he was approached by customers in 2009 about carrying coconut oil – but just laughed it off. That is, until he did research of his own.

Coconut oil is as versatile as it is delicious!

Coconut oil can be applied to the skin or hair, taken daily as a supplement or used in cooking. As De Soto put it, “It does everything except raise the dead.”

“If you have a stomach disorder, if you have a hangnail, if you’re ugly [the answer] is coconut oil,” De Soto said, only half joking. “It’s unbelievable.” – Mara Van Ellis, San Jose Mercury Times, 9/27/13

Coconut oil is definitely a growing trend in grocery store aisles. Some stores are even seeing coconut oil outsell olive oil! But who wouldn’t want to give it a try? There’s no sodium, no cholesterol – unlike butter – and it’s the only food you’ll find lauric acid. This fatty acid is what gives coconut oil its anti-microbial properties and can help build you immunity, improve your digestion, and now it’s being studied for how it may help Alzheimer’s patients.

The best part – is it looks like coconut oil is just getting bigger. Have you noticed now all the foods and beauty products using it? So thank YOU for being such a big coconut oil fan.



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