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Farm Restaurant’s Down Home Cooking

 With everyone’s busy schedules now a days, it’s nice to get a home cooked meal.  I think that’s part of the anticipation of a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, knowing it was prepared especially for you by loving family members and close friends.  Outside of Thanksgiving, if you want a classic down home meal you have to try FARM Restaurant in Bloomington, IN. I traveled to the quaint college town for business in November when the temperature outside dipped to 40 degrees.  That is frigid weather for anyone who’s lived in Florida for more than a year!  Right away I started off […]


Hometown Restaurant: Carma’s Baltimore, MD

Today’s post is one of our favorite hometown restaurants, which just happens to be Erin’s hometown! Carma’s Café, where my brother, Aaron, works, is in Baltimore, Maryland. Last time we went to Baltimore (for our Ace of Cakes visit) we had a very scrumptious lunch at Carma’s Café. This hidden gem has awesome coffee, lots of yummy teas, baked goods, and ridiculous sandwiches. Seriously the best BLT ever. They even have a vegan recipe BLT, with fake bacon made from COCONUT! We are looking forward to our upcoming trip to Baltimore for Expo East in September, when we will surely […]

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The Standard Miami Beach Vegetarian Restaurant

Miami is quickly becoming a home away from home, as I’ve been down for three of the last five weekends.  On Saturday night, we dined at the waterside restaurant, Lido Restaurant and Bayside Grill, located in The Standard Hotel off the Venetian Causeway.  The dinner menu is heavily influenced by traditional Mediterranean cuisine, with an emphasis on organic, fresh, whole foods.  Most dinner selections use vegetarian recipes, although, I did see one chicken and one beef option, along with lots of fish. The meal started off with a dinner salad called Sprouted Grains and Organic Greens salad.  Along with the […]

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