Top 5 Dad and Kid Activities for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this weekend and it’s time to start thinking of what special things to do with dad on Sunday! Do you already have your ideas planned out for this weekend? I’m still in limbo of what to do because my husband is working on Sunday but has Saturday off, so we will most likely celebrate the occasion early. I’m excited for this year because I feel like my two-year old will get to be a lot more hands on with daddy then he was last year! So if you’re still in a jumble about what to do this weekend check out my Top 5 Dad and Kid Activities for this weekend.

  1. Spend the day at the beach – If you live close enough to the beach go ahead and pack a lunch, wear a hat and make a day of it! Remember to apply your coconut oil sunscreen when going out in the sun for an extra 20% of UV coverage. If you happen to burn, apply coconut oil to affected areas to help relieve  the pain and redness.

    Quality time with Daddy!

  2. Go Camping – Camping is SO much fun no matter how old you are. S’mores, campfires and fishing are a few of my favorite things to do when going. Don’t forget to wear your bug spray; try this homemade insect repellent to avoid those harsh chemicals.
  3. Make homemade play dough – If you aren’t able to make it outside this weekend have dad make colorful, homemade play dough with the kids. My son loved this and it’s so simple to make, my secret ingredient – coconut oil, of course.
  4. Have the kids help with dinner – Don’t want to deal with the massive crowds at the restaurants? Make this delicious spaghetti casserole recipe that is fun for all ages and great for family bonding. It’s also healthy and tastes great with garlic toast.
  5. Have a movie night – Another great idea for dads and kids, curl up and watch your favorite movie! Don’t forget the popcorn, you can tweak this recipe to any flavors you’d like. Or just add some sea salt and coconut oil for a delicious treat as well.

All of these activities sound like so much fun and I’m a huge family person so it’s the simple things that I really enjoy doing. What is your favorite thing to do with your father? I would have to say that mine is just getting to spend quality time with him since he lives out of state. Enjoy the moments by making wonderful memories this weekend and be sure to stay safe while doing it!


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