70 Uses for Coconut Oil

The daily-recommended dosage based on weight

We have given you many uses for coconut oil over the years, but today we give you our top 70 uses for coconut oil! We created this new list, from past lists we’ve provided and from other sources. First of all the nutritional content in coconut oil is: antioxidants, medium chain triglycerides, lauric acid, caprylic acid, and capric acid, making coconut oil a very versatile product.

Coconut Oil Uses for the Kitchen

  1. Butter and Cooking Oil Substitute: It is a 1:1 ratio replacement for butter and other cooking oils.
  2. Season Meats and Vegetables – Cook your favorite dishes in coconut oil for added flavor.
  3. Salad Oil – Add to your salads and enjoy all of the benefits of coconut oil. Try our Lemon Chicken and Salad for tomorrow’s lunch.
  4. Ice Cubes – Freeze coconut oil in ice cube trays and put them in your favorite drinks
  5. Oiling wood cutting boards and wood bowls – Keep your cutting boards and wood bowls looking fresh by rubbing a dab of coconut oil on these surfaces.
  6. Remove baked on food from a cookie sheet – Pour melted coconut oil onto a cookie sheet and wipe clean. Then wash as normal.
  7. Stain Preventer – Rub in your favorite Tupperware to prevent sauce or food stains.
  8. Utensil Lubricant – Rub on your utensils before use for easy clean up later.
  9. Nutritional Supplement – melt coconut oil and add it to your favorite recipe – it’s delicious in oatmeal!
  10. Prevent Water Stains – Rub a small amount of coconut oil along the inside of your clean and dry kitchen sink. This will prevent water stains from forming.

Coconut Oil for Health and Wellness

  1. Appetite Suppressant – The fat in coconut oil releases the cholecystokinin hormone, which slows down the digestive process.
  2. Bones and Teeth – Coconut oil is a great all natural toothpaste. Try our DIY recipe: Coconut Oil Toothpaste.
  3. Digestion – The saturated fats in coconut oil may help control the factors that cause indigestion and other digestion related problems.
  4. Energy Boost – Coconut oil may help give you that extra pick-up you need in the afternoon or morning.
  5. Metabolism – Coconut oil may improve thyroid function and increase your metabolism.
  6. Stress Relief – The natural aroma of coconut is extremely soothing and may help lower stress levels.
  7. Alzheimer’s/Dementia – Scientific research is further looking into the connection between coconut oil and brain function. Over time, glucose inhibitors can limit the amount of energy to the brain, causing a decrease in cognitive function. Consuming regular amounts of coconut oil however, can lead to ketone production. The brain uses ketones as energy when glucose is not present.
  8. Cholesterol – May help lower bad cholesterol.
  9. Acne – Use coconut oil as a face wash and it may help prevent acne from forming.
  10. Diabetes – Coconut oil may help stabilize blood sugar. Our guest blogger Carolyn Ketchum posts diabetic friendly recipes each month!

Coconut Oil Uses for Moms and Babies

  1. Diaper Rash – Moisturizes their sensitive skin and promotes healing in an all-natural way.
  2. Pregnant Bellies – Coconut oil may help in the reduction and prevention of stretch marks.
  3. Nipple Cracks – Many new moms experience this while breast-feeding. Apply coconut oil to try to relieve pain.
  4. Meconium – Rub the baby’s bottom with coconut oil and clean-up will be much easier.
  5. Teething Pain Reliever – Rub coconut oil onto the gums of teething babies and children which may aid in pain relief.
  6. Minor Burns and Cuts – Apply coconut oil to the affected area which may help reduce redness and pain. Also, coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties which helps promote healing.
  7. Vapor Rub – make your own coconut oil vapor rub to help clear sinus problems.
  8. Formula Booster – Coconut oil is a good source of lauric acid, which is a key ingredient in breast milk.
  9. Bug Bites – Rub coconut oil on bug bites to help soothe itching.
  10. Cradle Cap – Dry skin? Rub a small amount of coconut oil onto your baby’s skin to help moisturizer the area.

Coconut Oil Uses for Home

  1. Squeaky Doors – Apply coconut oil to annoying hinges to prevent squeaking.
  2. Garden Tools – Keep dirt from sticking to your favorite tools with a quick application of coconut oil.
  3. Furniture Polish – Mix coconut oil and lemon juice to polish wood furniture.
  4. Rust Remover – Apply to rusted area and wipe off with a clean rag.
  5. BBQ Cleaner and Degreaser – Rub coconut oil onto your BBQ, let sit for an hour to two hours and wipe clean with a rag.
  6. Bathtub and Shower Cleaner – Mix coconut oil with baking soda and wipe a thin layer on soap scum and mildew. Let sit for 10-15 minutes and wipe clean.
  7. Snow Shovel – Watch the snow slide right off your shovel once you apply a thin layer of coconut oil to it.
  8. Artificial Plants – Restore plants to their glory days by rubbing coconut oil onto the leaves.
  9. Goo Gone – Mix equal parts coconut oil and baking soda into a paste. Apply to the sticky area and let set for a few minutes. Then scrub off with a toothbrush.
  10. Remove Crayon from Walls All you need to do is rub coconut oil on the problem area and the crayon marks vanish!

Coconut Oil for Beauty and Body

  1. Body Scrub – Make your own body scrub with coconut oil and sugar.
  2. Lip Balm – Rub coconut oil on your dry, chapped lips to help them gain moisture. Dry our own DIY Lip Balm to have with you at all times!
  3. Homemade Hair Treatments – Try own of our coconut oil hair treatments: Coconut Oil Hair Mask and Healthy Homemade Hair Treatment .
  4. Cuticle Treatment – Try rubbing coconut oil on and around your cuticles to help prevent hangnails and dry skin.
  5. Sun Protection – Coconut oil can help with before sun protection and after sun exposure. Our coconut oil and aloe vera mixture is the best!
  6. Massage Oil – Use coconut oil as an all-natural massage oil for your partner.
  7. Tattoo Healing and Moisturizer –  Apply coconut oil on new tattoos to aid in the healing process. Also, there are claims that regularly applying coconut oil to your tattoo helps color from fading – check out our experience!
  8. After Shave – Help soothe your skin after shaving without clogging pores.
  9. Deodorant – There are tons of DIY deodorant recipes out there with coconut oil or some people say just apply a small amount of oil to prevent body odor.
  10. Hair Defrizzer –  Rub a small amount on your hands and either scrunch in your hair or rub lightly over your hair to calm frizz.

Coconut Oil for the Crafts

  1. Candle MakingCreate your own candles with coconut oil!
  2. Play doughHave hours of fun with your kids by making your own play dough with coconut oil.
  3. Bath Bombs Make your own bath bombs with your children as a fun science experiment.

Coconut Oil Uses for Pets

  1. Skin Conditions – Coconut oil may help reduce skin conditions and reduce allergic reactions.
  2. Disinfect Cuts ­– Due to coconut oils natural properties apply topically to cuts and wounds.
  3. Digestion – May help improve nutrient absorption.
  4. Bad Breath Eliminator – May help reduce bad breath for dogs. Try our Peanut Butter Dog Treats to help the process!
  5. Hair Ball Eliminators –  Feeding our feline friends coconut oil may help reduce hairballs
  6. Kitty Litter – Rub the bottom of the litter box with coconut oil to keep the litter from sticking.
  7. Ear Cleaner – Many fans and users claim that using coconut oil helps eliminate ear mites and problems in their dogs ears.

Coconut Oil Cooking Spray Uses

  1. Nail Polish – Spray coconut oil on your nails after painting to help them dry faster.
  2. Rings – Help remove rings that are stuck when your fingers swell up in the heat.
  3. Clean your Car – Use it to remove dead bugs or sap from your hood and to make brake dust easy to remove.
  4. Measuring Tools – Spray it into your measuring cups or spoons before measuring honey or other sticky foods.
  5. Satellite Dishes – Spray your satellite dish in the winter time to keep snow from sticking.
  6. Grease Bicycle Chains – Spray a little on your bike chain to keep it from sticking.
  7. Muffin Tins and Cake Pans – Spray your muffin tins and cake pans before pouring batter in for easy removal.
  8. Fishing Line – Spray your fishing line before casting, it will help the line travel farther.
  9. Frying Pan – Spray your frying pan before cooking meats or vegetables for easy removal.
  10. Lawn Mower – Spray your lawn mower blades before you cut the grass to keep the grass clippings from sticking.

What are your favorite uses for coconut oil? Did it make our list? If not, please add to our list by using the comments below. We love hearing how other people use coconut oil!

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