Jackie Warner is Crazy About Kelapo!

Jackie Warner is crazy for Kelapo!

For those of you who don’t know, Jackie Warner is a celebrity trainer, author, and Bravo TV star.  “Jackie is the star of the hit Bravo reality show “Thintervention,” the author of the New York Times bestseller, This is Why You’re Fat, and the star of four best-selling fitness DVD’s. She is also a successful entrepreneur and owned two of Beverly Hills’ hottest gyms. Jackie has appeared on major network morning shows such as Today and GMA and has served as a regular columnist for Fitness RX and as guest columnist for weekly publications like Star and OK magazines. Some of her personal clients and members of her gym who have benefited from her programs include: Julia Roberts, Paul McCartney, Anne Hathaway, Eve, Kathy Griffin, Maria Shriver, and more.”


Recently, Jackie Warner hosted a sale for Kelapo Coconut Oil on a website called OpenSky.  Jackie had so many great things to say about Kelapo and coconut oil in general that we just had to turn this into a blog post!  Follow Jackie Warner’s tips below for a new and healthier you.


“Believe me when I say that good fat burns fat! You absolutely need it in your diet for weight-loss, beautiful skin and hormone balance. Be sure to avoid sources of saturated fat like hydrogenated oil and refined processed oil found in common snack foods and processed foods.

I’m crazy about my cold-pressed coconut oil that I’ve discovered from Kelapo. Here’s how to substitute the good for the bad fats:

Step One: Go through your kitchen and pantry and pull out any butter and oil products.

Step Two: Throw them out!

Step Three: Start using coconut oil in cooking as a replacement. Spread it on whole grain toast or oatmeal; anywhere you typically would use butter or oils.

Why coconut oil?

  • It’s so much better for cooking at higher temperatures due its lower smoke point.
  • The fats from coconut are broken down for immediate energy (and not stored like other fats).
  • It increases metabolism by improving thyroid function.
  • Your body converts the lauric acid in coconut oil into monolaurin, which can protect the immune system from infection.
  • And last but not least, it can lead to ketone production, which helps restore brain activity.

Take my word, coconut oil will become your new favorite thing and is a guilt- free solution for weight management.”

Jackie Warner



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– JR

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