Coconut Oil: A Mother Knows Best

It’s official, not only do we have the best fans – we have the cutest fans! Sweet little Madeline has been using extra virgin coconut oil since the day she was born! Her mother, Jackie, has used it to help fight cradle cap and boost her own energy.

She's smiling because she knows just how awesome that coconut oil is!

Jackie was kind enough to invite her in her home in Florida to talk about the dozens of uses she and baby Maddie have for the tropical oil.

Cradle Cap – Not having children of my own yet, this was uncharted territory. Turns out, it’s like a baby dandruff that can SPREAD! No moms wants flakes of skin covering their sweet baby’s face. Cradle cap is inflammatory and can be a fungal infection, which is using coconut oil is the best natural solution because it’s naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. Jackie would rub about a quarter size amount of coconut oil over the infected areas and let it sit overnight. In the morning, using a special brush, she would rub of the flakes with ease. Overtime, she says, the coconut oil helped the rash disappear.

Baby Eczema – According to WebMD, eczema affects somewhere between 10 and 20% of the babies in the US. This skin condition is commonly associated with allergies, and can appear as an itchy rash on the skin. Jackie would rub coconut oil on the areas where Maddie was breaking out to not only soothe the skin with the moisturizing qualities, but also to help decrease the rash.

Dry Skin – I wouldn’t, think living in Florida, dry skin would be an issue with all the humidity. However, babies come from a liquid atmosphere to one with nothing but air. Because of the shock to the system, a lot of babies, including Jackie’s had dry skin. If the baby is colic, bathing the baby is recommended to soothe them. However, this can also dry their delicate skin out. Twice a week, Jackie puts about a tablespoon of coconut oil in Maddie’s bath water to help re-hydrate her skin. She says people are always complimenting her on her glowing baby skin to which Jackie always replies: Coconut Oil!

Diaper Rash – Nothing else has touched this baby’s bum other than coconut oil. Not only does the anti-bacterial properties help keep away a rash, it also helps create a barrier on the skin. This barrier makes liquid bead up instead of stay on the skin – which will wake the baby up.

Cracked Nipples – Lauric acid is only found in two places on this earth: breast milk and coconut oil. Mothers who are breast feeding know, while it may be rewarding, it’s hard work. Cracked nipples are just one issue some new moms face. Rubbing coconut oil can help soothe the dry skin and you don’t have to worry about wiping it off before your next feeding. Ingesting coconut oil may also help increase your milk supply – try these gluten-free lactation cookies for a little boost.

Stretch Marks – You don’t have to be pregnant to appreciate the fact that coconut oil may help prevent stretch marks. Even fitness competitors utilize it when their muscles are growing. Jackie was already using the oil as a moisturizer – so it wasn’t a big jump to use it to prevent these almost expected pregnancy side effect.

Allergy-Free Diet – Because Jackie is still breastfeeding, what she eats her baby eats. When they found out Maddie was allergic to dairy and soy – that had to go from Jackie’s diet. That’s when she really starting using coconut oil as her butter substitute in every meal.

Energy Boost – Along the same lines, if a mother is breastfeeding drinking coffee isn’t always the best combination. Especially because Maddie is colicky, Jackie has to avoid traditional caffeine because no one wants a tired baby who’s now hopped up on a good cup of Joe. Since coconut oil is actually digested as an energy source, mom can get a nice boost and baby can still be put down for her afternoon nap. Jackie suggests putting a tablespoon in your morning bowl of oatmeal to create a delicious morning pick-me-up.

Don’t forget to also check out Lani’s tips for moms using coconut oil for more great tips and tricks.



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