Strawberry Smoothie Sorbet


Strawberry Smoothie Sorbet

As summer approaches and I’m attempting to squeeze into my wedding dress, I’m doing my best to avoid processed sugar. My one major downfall? Ice cream! Here’s what I do when I’m seriously hankering for the cold, creamy stuff:


In a really powerful blender or food processor (LOVE my Vitamix!) blend 2 big handfuls of frozen fruit with 1 tablespoon of Kelapo coconut oil. Right now I’m loving strawberries, but pitted cherries, bananas, and pineapples work really well too. Bananas are especially good if you are really going for that ice creamy consistency and sorbet just won’t cut it! The coconut oil is key to thicken it just a little and add some extra flavor so you don’t just think you are eating fruit. Plus, Dr Oz says coconut oil benefits my health by speeding up my metabolism!  I gave it to my groom-to-be and he couldn’t believe he was eating something from such a healthy recipe!

What are some of YOUR favorite healthy recipes for dessert?


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